Dear Colleagues / Dear students,

We started in June 2012 a change process of filling, data visualization and reporting, focused on electronic format documents processing, used at the Secretariat of I.E.R Faculty. We are glad that we were able to conclude, after seven months of efforts, a first step. I would like to thank to all colleagues from the secretariat, vice-deans colleagues and department directors as well as to Assist. Prof. Ph.D. student. Eng. Cristian Tarbă and Ph.D. student Eng. Daniel Cazacu and to all other colleagues who contributed to the completion of some of the main services available now :
- Automatic generation and possibly change study contracts ;
- Automatic generation of catalogues for each discipline separately;
- Continuously updated database of students state situation;
- Automatic generation of forms, reports and statistics ;
- Faculty access to a site with regularly updated information;
- School students access to their own academic situation ;
At this moment, for each enrolled student it is activated, access to  platform where you each student can view the current academic situation.
It is sufficient for a student to access platform (username = CNP and password = the last 6 digits if CNP (Numerical Code Number) if these data haven’t been changed by the user) to have available an interface that presents all grades recorded until present and averages and credit points accumulated each semester.

Everything is perfectible, for which I kindly ask students to observe any inconsistencies (different grades, missing grades, incorrect data etc.) to notify to the secretary of the year, by e-mail (e-mail addresses are available on We are trying to save time for each of those involved, so do not forget to identify yourself (name, group, specialty) and to presented explicitly the problem you have.

For technical problems please contact your colleague Cristian Tarbă, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Students repeating the academic year or those who have recently entered the system (admission, transfer etc.) and for those who are not found in the database are kindly asked to demonstrate understanding until their status will be updated.